Golf Island 1.4 APK Download

Golf Island is a crazy golf game, in which our caddy is a nice toucan, and the holes are located in the most unlikely places. Some of these holes will be located in the middle of the space, others in huge ice creams and others on top of whales.

Unlike in other golf games, the goal in Golf Island is not to try to get the ball in the least number of strokes possible. Instead, we’ll have to try to get as many balls as possible before the time runs out.

Golf Island 1.4 APK Download

By completing missions and getting good scores, we can unlock a lot of additional content. From new balls (soccer ball, fireball …) to new crazy scenarios (planets, paradisiacal islands). To get better scores, in addition, we can use different ‘power ups’.

Golf Island is an excellent golf game, which has excellent graphics, and a simple and fun mechanics. The game also has a lot of content in terms of balls, scenarios and missions.