Golf Zero 1.1.1 APK Download

Golf Zero is a game of golf and platforms, in which we will control a friendly yellow dummy, which we will have to help introduce the golf ball in each of the holes of the game. And as we will soon discover, these holes are not accessible at all.

The control system of Golf Zero is very similar to what we could find in a traditional two-dimensional platform game. In the left part of the screen we will find the buttons to move from left to right, while in the right part of the screen we will have the jump buttons and use the golf club.

Golf Zero 1.1.1 APK Download

Our goal in each of the more than eighty levels of the game will be to introduce the golf ball into the hole. The problem is that normally this hole will be in a place impossible to access, so we will have to dodge spikes, deadly falls, serrated saws and other traps to reach a good distance from it.

Golf Zero is a platform game and two-dimensional golf, which perfectly combines elements of both genres, to offer an original and fun gaming experience. It’s as if Super Meat Boy and Super Stickman Golf had a nice offspring.