Google Currents 5.1 IOS Download

Google Currents is a complete application that will turn our iPhone into a kind of customizable digital magazine to which we can add as many online publications as we want.

Forbes, The Guardian, Vanity, TechCrunch, PBS, Angry Android, Saveur and many more are available so that we can read all your entries, learn about the latest news, see the photos and videos, and even access much of this content without have an Internet connection, simply leaving it ready so that at any moment we can see it.

 Google Currents 5.1 IOS Download

Best of all, however, is that in addition to being able to choose from dozens of international publications, we can easily load our Google Reader, extending the number of blogs that we can read from the application to infinity. The visualization of the entries of each blog, in addition, is very beautiful, being a pleasure to read publication after publication on the terminal screen.

Google Currents is a very good application for any user who reads online publications or is addicted to Google Reader, because through it you can enjoy them from a simple and beautiful interface, anywhere and at any time.