Google Earth Download For IOS iPhone 9.0.78

Google Earth Download For IOS iPhone 9.0.78

Google has put to the service of its users a series of services and online tools with different purposes. It has done so with greater or lesser success according to the case, but among those that we can say that it has triumphed we find its apps of maps and cartography. Google Maps and Google Earth are two applications with different utilities, starting with that of satisfying the geographic curiosity of the user.

The app to explore the world from your smartphone or tablet

Who among us has not been tracking the planet in search of this or another place we have always been curious to see? It’s just what Earth offers us, the app that for those of us used to seeing the world through photographs if we did not have the opportunity to travel has offered us an excellent resource to satisfy our curiosity.

Through aerial photographs, satellite images and geographical information from GIS models, it offers a very faithful representation of the entire surface of the globe. It allows us through its simple navigation system (scroll with your finger and increase or decrease the zoom to your liking) exploring anywhere on the planet. We can travel from the Rocky Mountains in the United States to the paradisiacal beaches of Bali, passing inhospitable Antarctica, in seconds, with access to images, topographical information and even Street View where available.

Main Features

  • Finder assisted to find any point on Earth: enter a name and get real-time search suggestions.
  • Simple navigation system: drag your finger to scroll the map.
  • Discover information on any place, region, monument or point of interest with cards that use resources like Wikipedia.
  • Choose between 3D or 2D viewing.
  • Steer and explore places by rotating the position of the compass.
  • Discover special content with Voyager, a section of suggestions prepared by the editors: tour museums, NASA facilities, deserts, jungles …
  • Travel randomly with “Do you want to try your luck ?. Let yourself be surprised by the random visit of any place on the planet.
  • Explore the streets of Valencia, Barcelona or anywhere in the world with Street View.
  • Save your own list of favorite places.
  • Make screenshots of the places you visit and share them by mail or chat applications and instant messaging as postcards.
  • Share your location with the app.
  • Share locations by sending links to your contacts.

This is the version of Google Earth for iOS that we can use on devices like iPhone or iPad. However it is also available for Android, PC Windows or the web, to access from any device without having to download anything.