GROWLr 10.50 APK Download

GROWLr is the official app of the dating service of the same name. This social network, for those who do not know it, works in a very similar way to Badoo but exclusively for men who seek to know other men.

The application is completely safe and discreet with its users, so that all information is completely private and only registered users can see profiles of other users. Once registered, of course, we will not only be able to see the photographs and information of other users, but we will also be able to initiate conversations with them.

GROWLr 10.50 APK Download

GROWLr has a powerful chat tool, thanks to which we can exchange text messages in real time, as well as photographs. In this way, if we are getting to know a person better, we can send private photos only to that person, without having to upload them to our profile.

GROWLr is a very useful application for male users interested in meeting other users of the same sex. In theory there are more than eight million registered users, so wherever we are, we may find bears near our position.