GTA 3-Grand Theft Auto Download Apk Free For Android

The Grand Theft Auto series does not need big presentations. We are talking about one of the most successful video game series of all time with titles that have marked a before and after, such as the already controversial San Andreas or the awesome GTA 5.

2001 was the year in which it appeared GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto, game in which presented Liberty City offering a gigantic and varied world where we move with freedom of action where we could interact with many elements of our around and with crazy personages to the once we completed the missions that were entrusted to us.

10 years later the launch of this GTA Liberty City was decided to pay homage with a launch on mobile platforms iOS and Android. In this way we got the remastered game in APK format and can get into our pocket to play away from the lack of mobility of its versions for PC, PS2 or PS3 in the exciting universe full of black humor and excellent soundtrack that set a precedent in the open map games.

What is the argument of GTA 3?

Maybe you know it by the way because you made the game dust at the time, but if this is the first time you play or simply mix so many GTAs that you can not remember clearly, we tell you above.

You are Claude Speed and the story begins with the bank robbery (Liberty City Bank) in which you participate. You are betrayed by your cronies, Catalina and Miguel. From there will happen a story of gangsters, thugs and other criminals replete with action and intrigue that will keep you on track until the end.

So you know, it helps Speed to become the city’s most fearsome criminal in GTA 3. If you played in your day you will not mind retrieving it and if you did not, you now have an excellent opportunity to enjoy one of the games of action more of Rockstar Games.