Guild of Heroes 1.64.8 APK Download

Guild of Heroes is a role-playing game with an isometric perspective set in a medieval fantasy world, in which players will have to face the forces of evil. Yes, it is not an especially original approach, but it is a formula that always works.

The game system of Guild of Heroes is very traditional: pressing the screen we can make our hero move freely through the (small) scenarios, and pressing on the enemies we will attack automatically. In the lower part of the screen we will have different skills that we can carry out, usually much more devastating than normal attacks.

Guild of Heroes 1.64.8 APK Download

The Guild of Heroes missions are relatively short, lasting around two or three minutes. Between mission and mission we can visit the main town of the game, where we can buy equipment or sell our pieces of equipment that we no longer want.

Guild of Heroes is a traditional role-playing game, which despite not being very original that we say, offers a fun gaming experience. The game also offers an excellent visual section, with an aesthetic to the Dungeons and Dragons charming.