Gumtree 3.8.0 APK Download

Gumtree is an application that will allow us to take a look at hundreds of thousands of classified ads within the area of ​​the United Kingdom. It does not matter what we are looking for: a car, a home, a job, a stereo … surely in Gumtree we find something.

Searching any classified ad is as easy as posting our own ad. The only thing we will have to do for this second will be to create a user account, a process that will take only two minutes. As soon as we have our account we can begin to publish classified ads in Gumtree.

Gumtree 3.8.0 APK Download

The Gumtree ads will allow us to see and add a lot of information. If for example we are trying to buy (or sell) a car, we can use filters like the type of fuel they use, the team to which they belong, the mileage, the year of production, and so on. With a house we can do something very similar: filter by year of construction, by rooms, etcetera.

Gumtree is an excellent classified ads application, which will only be really useful if we live in the UK or plan a trip to the UK.