Halfpipe Hero 1.1.1 APK Download

Halfpipe Hero is a game of ‘skate’ in two dimensions, in which players will have to try to get the best score by doing all kinds of tricks in a ‘halfpipe’. In a way, the game reminds the great OlliOlli, but focusing exclusively on jumps and pirouettes.

The control system of Halfpipe Hero is perfectly adapted to tactile devices: once we touch the screen we will make our skater stop turning in the air and prepare for the landing. This is just the basic maneuver, of course. As we play we will discover many more tricks that we will do by touching the screen or sliding at the right time.

Halfpipe Hero 1.1.1 APK Download

In Halfpipe Hero we will find several different scenarios, which we can unlock as we complete all the previous objectives. By unlocking new scenarios, in addition, we will also unlock new ‘skaters’. With the money we get throughout the games, we can also buy new characters.

Halfpipe Hero is an excellent skate game, whose mechanics are as simple as they are fun. With one hand we can carry out all kinds of tricks in the ‘halfpipe’, sharing in addition our best pirouettes … or our worst falls. And if this were not enough, the graphic section ‘retro’ style is ten.