Hang Line 1 APK Download

Hang Line is a three-dimensional climbing game in which our goal will be to try to reach the top of several mountains, using our hooked rope. On the way, of course, we will have to dodge lots of dangers, like goats or falling stones.

The control system of Hang Line is intuitive and is very well adapted to tactile devices: touching any place on the screen, we will launch our hook. If the grapple is embedded in a white area (with snow), we will get hooked and we can keep trying to climb. The problem is that many areas of snow will begin to fall as soon as we get hooked.

Hang Line 1 APK Download

In Hang Line we will find more than forty levels expressly designed by the developers, in which we will have to try to obtain the three hidden stars. In addition, we can also try to climb through the infinite mountain, in which our goal will be to achieve the highest possible score.

Hang Line is a very entertaining climbing game, which has an excellent graphic section, an original approach, and a fun mechanics. A round title.