Hangouts Download APK For Android

Hangouts Download APK For Android

The offer of chat, instant messaging and videocall apps is immense. Everyone knows that it is dominated by WhatsApp and from there they appear others like Facebook Messenger, LINE, Skype, Telegram, Kik, Snapchat … they are even oriented to the professional scope, as it can be the case of Slack.

As it could not be otherwise, Google has also contributed its bit and although now is trying to empower Duo and Allo to chat and make voice and video calls, we can still continue to use Hangouts despite being announced that it disappears (in Reality what has disappeared has been its API).

Present on virtually all Android

Rare is the user using Android without having installed the pack of applications that Google distributes between these terminals (although there will be, of course). Among them is Chrome, Google Search or this messaging app. Its main feature is the fact that we do not need to share our phone number with her: just be a searcher. That is, use an email account like the one we use in Gmail.

The app offers what we normally find in the products of this company. That is, a functional and sober design, we could say almost minimalist, with fewer flourishes than other apps to communicate. However it has all the basics, so if we settle with her to chat with our friends we will normally find everything we need.

“Although it has been announced that Hangouts disappears for the benefit of Duo and Allo still enjoys support from the company”.

Main Features

  • Send text messages to your contacts and include photos, animated GIFs, emojis and stickers to express yourself better.
  • Chat in a group with up to 150 people at a time.
  • Make video calls with up to 10 simultaneous participants.
  • Call any phone in the world using VoIP technology.
  • Communicate with whoever you want regardless of the device they use: iPhone, Mac, Windows PC, web browser …
  • Connect with Google Voice to integrate calls, SMS and voicemail.
  • Send messages to your friends even if they are not online.