Happy Pet Story 2.0.6 APK Download

Happy Pet Story is an Animal Crossing style game, in which players can be part of a friendly community of animals that live happy and carefree. At the beginning of the game, we can create our character, choosing from hundreds of different appearances.

The game system of Happy Pet Story is simple but very fun. Basically we can move freely throughout the town, interacting with all its inhabitants in many different ways. With some of them we can talk, with others we can go fishing, others will sell us products, et cetera.

Happy Pet Story 2.0.6 APK Download

One of the funniest elements of Happy Pet Story is the ability to customize our house. We can buy hundreds of different furniture with which to give a unique look to our home: cabinets, tables, busts, racks, chairs, and so on. We can put them as we want and create our own house.

Happy Pet Story is an excellent alternative to Animal Crossing, which also has several different mini-games, which we can unlock as we play. In addition, the graphic section of the game is beautiful, with an absolutely charming character design.