Hay Day 1.37.105 IOS Download

Hay Day is a social management game in which players will have to put themselves at the head of a farm that will need all our attention to function properly.

Players will have to plant different vegetables in their field, and then harvest them. To do this, it will be enough to use the fingertip, sliding it across the screen. With a similar procedure we can interact with the animals of the farm, each with its own personality; or fish in the lake.

Hay Day 1.37.105 IOS Download

As in almost all social games, in Hay Day it is possible to trade with our Facebook friends and other social networks. We can exchange different crops, make changes, and in short, negotiate almost any element of the game.

Another strength of Hay Day is the great level of detail and customization possibilities that it gives us about our farm. We can create totally unique farms, to which we invite our Facebook friends for a season.

Hay Day is an entertaining and beautiful social game, that although it does not offer any novel aspect as far as mechanics are concerned, it does allow users to enjoy a well-known and well-refined mechanics.