Hello Hero: Epic Battle 1.2.2 APK Download

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is an RPG with automatic combat system, in which players can enjoy an extensive ‘adventure mode’, in which they will discover lots of different locations and meet dozens of NPCs. All while trying to recruit the strongest team of heroes in the world.

During the combats, our heroes will always automatically attack the nearest enemy, so our job will be to activate the special abilities at the right times. We can also click on the portrait of a hero, to make him retreat a few seconds and heal.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle 1.2.2 APK Download

In total in Hello Hero: Epic Battle we can recruit more than a hundred different characters, which we can customize and evolve at will. As we go overcoming fights, we can level them up, equip them with new weapons and armor, and use new special abilities.

Although the ‘adventure mode’ is very long, it is not by far the only game mode that we will find in Hello Hero: Epic Battle. We will have five different game modes at our disposal, including a PvP in which our group of ten heroes can face another player’s team through the Internet.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is a role-playing game with an absolutely spectacular graphic section, which has a simple combat system and very charismatic characters. An outstanding title, varied and, above all, fun.