Henri’s Secret 1.0.24 APK Download

Henri’s Secret is a visual novel in which we will assume the role of Lyla, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who goes to the institute. There we can meet the new boy of the class, an enigmatic young man named Henri, which holds more than one interesting secret.

The Henri’s Secret game system is quite original. Normally we will only have to read Lyla’s conversations with her friends to move forward, but sometimes we will have to use her mobile phone. We can use it to see past conversations, to take photographs or to consult contacts.

Henri's Secret 1.0.24   APK Download

In some parts of the game it will be necessary to take pictures of certain elements. Only in this way we can solve some of the enigmas that surround Henri, of which our beautiful protagonist may end up falling in love.

Henri’s Secret is a visual novel with a story and interesting characters, which has a nice graphic section. The game, in addition, has a quite extensive duration.