Heroes of Order & Chaos Download IOS Free For iPhone 1.5.0

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a multiplayer online fighting game. You will have to create your own team of fighters and face them from rivals around the world. This is a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) title that mixes action and collaborative strategy.

An engaging experience to play with friends or alone.

Features of Heroes of Order & Chaos

  • More than 30 heroes to choose from with different abilities.
  • Two modes of play: alone (with the help of the CPU) or multiplayer.
  • Of the types of maps, 3c3 or 5c5.
  • Evolve your character and acquire new skills and equipment.

The goal is to destroy the base of the enemy and ultimately dominate the Haradon region where the plot unfolds. Put all your weapons and skills into play so that your team of wrestlers can be victorious. Download Heroes of Order & Chaos – the online multiplayer game for iPhone for free.