Hidden Camera 2.61 APK Download

Hidden Camera is an application that will allow us to record with both the front and rear cameras, without any type of notification on the screen. That is, it will allow us to turn our Android device into a secret camera.

The first thing that we will have to do when installing Hidden Camera will be to create a password. This password will be necessary to open the application, so we better not forget it. In addition, we can also open the application by dialing 1,2,3,4,5 on the phone.

In the configuration options we can choose that the camera starts recording at a specific time and is recording for a specific period of time. We can also make the application start recording when someone turns on the screen or when a message is received. In the options, in addition, we can specify if we want to record with the front or rear camera.

Hidden Camera 2.61 APK Download

Hidden Camera is a very interesting application, thanks to which we can catch with the hands in the dough anyone who tries to access our Android terminal without our permission. We only have to indicate that we want to record with the front camera whenever the screen is turned on.


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