Idle World 3.9.7 APK Download

Idle World is an incremental game in which our goal will be to create the entire universe, starting from the fundamental particles and even reaching living organisms or human constructions. At the beginning of the game we will generate very little energy, but as we invest in improvements, we will gain much more.

The first improvements that we can acquire in Idle World are the strings (of string theory), followed by quantum foam and a little later neutrinos, photons, quarks, electrons, protons, and so on. Each time we improve one of these elements, we will get more energy per second. In this way we will soon be able to create atoms, positrons, sound waves, hydrogen or carbon.

 Idle World 3.9.7 APK Download

By developing these fundamental elements, we can gain access to much more complex elements. For example, once we have developed oxygen and hydrogen, we can open the tree of complex elements, which will allow us to create water. And from water, of course, we can create many more elements.

Idle World is an ‘idle clicker’ of cosmic proportions, which is fun and didactic in equal parts. One of those ideal games to take a moment at any time, that we can also have playing ‘alone’ in the background.