IKEA Place 2.0.0 APK Download

IKEA Place is an application that will allow us to place Ikea furniture in our home, using only our Android device. How? Thanks to augmented reality technology. All we have to do is point the camera of our Android device to the place we want to furnish and ready.

From the IKEA Place menu we can choose any Ikea piece of furniture that we want to try. We will only have to select it and, dragging it on the screen of our device, place it where we want. We can rotate it, move it away or move it closer. We can even place several furniture at the same time to see how they would all be in the same room.

IKEA Place 2.0.0 APK Download

Another interesting feature of IKEA Place is that it will allow us to take a picture of any piece of furniture, so that in seconds we can find out which piece of furniture it is. That is from Ikea, of course. If it is not from Ikea, it will show us the most similar alternative they have in their stores.

IKEA Place is a very useful application, thanks to which we can decorate virtually any room. For that, yes, we will need a device with Android 7.0 and the ARCore application.