IKEA VISA 1.4.0 APK Download

Managing the purchases you make with your Ikea Visa card can be complicated, especially if you have more than one card and dedicate this to some special purchases. IKEA VISA is the application from which you can control your expenses in the easiest way from anywhere.

With this tool you have at your disposal the possibility of not only knowing your movements, but directly activating your card from the smartphone to be able to use it in millions of commercial premises or to block it at home from loss or theft with just one click.

IKEA VISA 1.4.0 APK Download

With IKEA VISA, it is possible to access your detailed monthly statement instantaneously, which will help you to get a more global idea of ​​your economy and not leave any loose ends when making your own budgets.

In addition to the advantages of the IKEA VISA application, you can also locate La Caixa ATMs closest to your position, allowing you to withdraw money from your bank account that suits you best, if you do not want to pay with your card.