InfoJobs-Jobs and Employment Download IOS Free For iPhone 4.8.2

The Internet has become the main tool used to find work. Especially because it allows candidates to opt for different jobs without having to physically move anywhere to deliver their resume or having to send it by mail to qualify for a job.

At the moment we find different portals and applications to find work, being perhaps the social network LinkedIn the most well-known of all besides other platforms of recent creation, like Job Today. However between us has since 1998 one of the most veteran in the sector as it is InfoJobs, which began offering their services via the web and that as it could not be otherwise has ended adapting them to web version for Android and iPhone.

More Than One Million Job Offers

The number of job offers published in InfoJobs is enormous and reaches all the provinces of Spain and all training levels. In InfoJobs – Trabajo y Empleo you can access them through a simple interface that allows you to configure searches at the user’s whim.

To do this, a system is used to establish the filters easily. Just use the top bar to indicate what type of job we are looking for … for this, obviously, before we must have registered as a user and have completed a basic registration form on the platform.

Infojobs vs. LinkedIn: Which is Better?

The two platforms differ greatly since they are not raised in the same way. InfoJobs was born as a job bank (and still is), so it is used when you want to find work or change or improve what you already have. LinkedIn LinkedIn made it as a social network where it is possible to create a network of professional contacts, and although it clearly allows the search for employment at the same time as a method to project our position and expand the job opportunities, either from the job itself or from a new one.