InShot Editor 1.494.181 APK Download

InShot Editor is a photo and video editing application, specially designed to improve the finishing of any video that we want to upload to our Instagram account. Now, it will also allow us to improve photographs, and of course save the edited videos in the memory of the device.

In the video editing section we will find lots of interesting tools at our disposal. For example, if a video is recorded in vertical format, we can choose to center and enlarge the image or create a nice ‘blur’ effect behind the image. In addition, we can apply filters, insert text, add music, and even enter ’emojis’. Once we have finished, we will only have to choose the quality to which we want to save the video.

InShot Editor 1.494.181 APK Download

In the edition of images we will also find many options. We can crop the image, apply more than a dozen different filters, touch up the values ​​of brightness or saturation, add hundreds of ‘stickers’, and a long etcetera. In short, we can give a totally new look to any photograph.

InShot Editor is a powerful editor of images and videos, that despite being oriented mainly to the creation of content for Instagram, will allow us to retouch videos and images to save them directly in the memory of the terminal.