InstaMessage – Instagram Chat 2.8.2 APK Download

InstaMessage – Instagram Chat is an instant messaging tool that will allow us to communicate privately with all our friends, acquaintances and contacts of the social network of Instagram photography.

The application does not require registration of any kind, as it will directly use our Instagram user account to function. This way, once we install it, we can start talking privately with any other Instagram user, as long as he accepts our conversation request.

InstaMessage - Instagram Chat 2.8.2 APK Download

Thanks to this chat, users will be able to engage in long conversations with other users, with whom until then they could only share simple comments in public. In addition, we can send both text messages, and voice recordings.

InstaMessage – Instagram Chat is a very interesting instant messaging tool, thanks to which we can expand our circle of friends, with all those interesting people who post their photos on Instagram.