Jane Wilde 2.230 APK Download

Jane Wilde is a two-dimensional action game set in the wild west. Of course, this time the cowboys and outlaws will not be as problematic as zombies or vampires, which will become our main enemy throughout the adventure. The protagonist of this story is precisely who gives name to the game: Jane Wilde, a sheriff and bounty hunter who does not tolerate zombies in his city.

Jane Wilde 2.230 APK Download

The game system of Jane Wilde is very simple. On the left side of the screen we will have the direction controls, with which we can go to the left and right of the stage; while in the right part of the screen we will find the buttons of shot and kick. The kick, in addition, is much more useful than at first might seem, because thanks to it we can keep away enemies.

In Jane Wilde we can travel more than thirty different levels, including some of survival. Luckily, we will have a large arsenal of weapons: revolvers, shotguns, machine guns and even magic arcs. In addition, with the money we earn we can improve all weapons, increasing the damage they inflict on enemies.

Jane Wilde is an action game of classic cut very funny, that counts on a graphical section pretty good, and a pile of levels, enemies and different arms. Special mention for the fights against ‘bosses’, in which we will have to demonstrate all our shooting ability.