Kickstarter 1.7.3 APK Download

Kickstarter is the most used crowdfunding platform in the world, and by far the one that has offered the most successful results. And from this, its official application, we can follow all Kickstarter campaigns, be up-to-date with their news, support those that interest us, and even modify our contribution at any time.

For a few years Kickstarter has been the benchmark crowdfunding platform, and thanks to it, lots of projects have come out: role books, documentaries, video games, smart watches, and even video game consoles. Thanks to its official application we will have it easier to follow all these new projects and campaigns that come out daily on the platform.

Kickstarter 1.7.3 APK Download

Kickstarter users will be able to identify themselves and keep track of the campaigns they have funded. In the same way, you can use the different search tools of the app, to find new interesting Kickstarter. And of course, it will be possible to back up any Kickstarter with just a touch.

Kickstarter is an excellent official application, which offers everything the official application of a service like Kickstarter should offer. Its design, in addition, is simple and elegant.