KineMaster APK Download

KineMaster is a video editing tool that combines a comfortable interface and a lot of simplicity of handling, with a wide range of features and a lot of power to create the videos that we want exactly as we want.

Using KineMaster is very simple: we will only have to choose the multimedia content that we will add to our video, in the order we want it to be shown, and give a title to the final composition. Once this is done we can choose a general theme for our video, which will mark the introduction of it. Only with this we will have our video … although of course, we can also begin to edit in depth.

KineMaster APK Download

Although it is not much more complicated, KineMaster users can also choose to edit the video directly from the timeline. By doing this you can add different types of transitions between the video fragments (be they photos or video), and even put blocks of text or subtitles.

When finishing the edition KineMaster will allow us to save our project in the memory of our terminal in different qualities. In addition, of course, we can upload the video directly to our Facebook or our Youtube account.

KineMaster is a simple but powerful video editing tool, that although it will allow us to create a video in a matter of seconds, it will also give us the possibility of creating something very elaborate if we dedicate more time to it.