Kinguin 2.6.0 APK Download

Kinguin is the official application of the popular portal for the sale of videogame keys of the same name. Here we can buy keys from Steam, Origin, Uplay or We can even buy keys from Microsoft products, such as Windows 10.

From Kinguin we can buy the latest PC releases at a price generally lower than we could find in other sales platforms. Sometimes this saving can be almost fifty percent, and in others we will only save two or three euros, but normally something will save us.

Kinguin 2.6.0 APK Download

Thanks to this official application we can take a look at lots of offers, as well as keep track of all the keys we have purchased through Kinguin. In addition, we can buy Kinguin gift cards, which we can give our friends to buy the games they want.

Kinguin is a good official application of a very interesting portal for the sale of videogame keys. Essential if you have ever purchased through their website.