Land Sliders 1.9 APK Download

Land Sliders is a very peculiar three-dimensional platform game, in which players will not have to move the protagonist, but the world that surrounds them. Does it sound weird? It is, and also very fun and original.

The control system of Land Sliders is very intuitive, since by sliding your finger across the screen we can make everyone around our character move. In case this control system seems very strange, we will find an alternative that will allow us to control our hero more directly.

 Land Sliders 1.9 APK Download

One of the most characteristic elements of Land Sliders is the amount of characters that we will find at our disposal. In total we can choose more than fifty different characters, although at the beginning we will only have one unlocked. Of course, as we go overcoming levels, we can unlock many more: knights, dogs, panda bears, fridges, princesses, lions … we will find many different characters.

Land Sliders is a fun and original platform game, which has a very nice visual section, and a huge amount of different levels (and characters).