League of Evil 2 1.50 APK Download

League of Evil 2 is a frantic platform that follows the line marked by titles like Super Meat Boy, in which we will have to overcome a series of relatively short levels in the shortest possible time.

But of course, as you can imagine we will not have the easy things, and to reach the end of the more than one hundred levels of which the game consists we will have to suffer the unspeakable with lots of traps placed to bad idea, seemingly impossible jumps, and up to seventeen different types of enemies that will try to end our lives.

League of Evil 2 1.50 APK Download

In addition to the normal enemies, who will try to kill us with different types of weapons, we will also see each other’s faces with a different boss, which we will need to get rid of using all our skill and ingenuity.

The graphics of the game are quite improved with respect to the first part, with much more defined models and, above all, some very fluid animations that it’s nice to see.

League of Evil 2 is an excellent platform game for iOS. It has very tight controls, a fun mechanic, and enough difficulty to keep us hooked for hours and hours.