League of Gamers Download Free For iPhone App

League of Gamers Download Free For iPhone App

Have you dreamed of becoming a video game legend? Now you can get it being champion of eSports, because this is the story line that supports the League of Gamers, a game that has been released for iPhone and Android where your mission is to become a clicker in a great champion of gamers.

A race from below to stardom

If you’ve seen the eSports champions on YouTube or Facebook or in the online publications sections like Marca, db Games or 3DGames, you’ll know what it’s all about: starting out in small, modest local leagues to make a name for yourself That allows you to open up steps to larger goals.

Here it will be exactly the same: you will start in small championships that as you win you can make you face better players in much more competitive tournaments. Everything to reach the world-wide summit in leagues of gamers that certify your progression like ace of the videojuegos.

You have at your fingertips the possibility of being the best eSports player of all time.

Now do not think that everything is going to be as simple as clicking on the screen of your iOS device. You will have to worry about surrounding yourself with a good team of players that will help you get far, as well as finding a good team that allows you to play better and better: turn your ASUS Laptop into a deadly video game machine.

Start a race from below: go from local leagues to world championships.

Upgrade your computer and get all kinds of improvements.

Hire teammates to help you get better scores.

It does not matter if your are the MOBA, FPS, real-time strategy or sports: challenge the rest of the players of the world and become a star of the multiplayer online video games championships.

Requirements and additional information:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

The app offers integrated shopping.