Letterboxd 1.3.2 APK Download

Letterboxd is the official application of the website of the same name. Inside you will find all the information about the world of cinema: from the latest releases to the great classics of cinema, and from the most reputable directors to the least known actors. All with an unbeatable presentation.

One of Letterboxd’s strengths, apart from its excellent interface and presentation, is the ability to rate all movies, write reviews, and even create lists to share with other users. Thanks to these features we can easily access lots of lists with all kinds of movies: ‘classics of the 30s’, ‘essentials of horror movies’, and so on.

Letterboxd 1.3.2 APK Download

The operation of the Letterboxd application is practically identical to that of its website. This means that we can go ‘jumping’ from label to label quickly while we are consulting any movie. In less than a minute we can evaluate a movie that we liked, take a look at the rest of his director’s works, access another film’s profile and start watching his trailer.

Letterboxd is an excellent official application of an excellent website. Essential for movie lovers … or for those who want to learn to love cinema.