LIKE 2.11.7 APK Download

LIKE is an application thanks to which we can create and share fun music videos with all our friends and followers. In order to use the application, as usual in this type of apps, we will need to create a user account, a process that will only take a few seconds and we can complete both Google and Facebook.

LIKE users will have different possibilities when creating their music videos. They can use millions of predetermined songs to record the video, choosing among songs from popular singers like Rihanna or Justin Bieber, or tunes from Dragon Ball, Harry Potter or Doctor Who. We can even choose a song stored on the device.

 LIKE 2.11.7 APK Download

The video editing process of LIKE is quick and simple, but that does not mean that we will have few features at our disposal. We can add all kinds of video effects, which we will apply by drawing directly with the fingertip. Fire, shooting stars, butterflies … we can introduce all kinds of elements in our videos.

LIKE is a very fun social network. We can find lots of interesting videos at any time and we can share our best videos with the community of the app. Also, if someone likes us, we can add them to our list of friends and talk to them whenever we want.