LINE 8.18.0 IOS Download

Line is an application very similar to Skype or Viber, thanks to the fact that we can make phone calls and send messages to our friends and acquaintances, without having to spend a euro, as long as we have a stable Internet connection at our disposal.

The messaging system will allow us not only to send text messages from one user to another, but easily send images, videos and even sound files so that they can reach any other user with whom we are trying to communicate directly. In addition, we can create contact groups to make joint chat rooms.

LINE 8.18.0 IOS Download

To be able to establish calls we will need the other user to also have the application installed on their terminal. At the moment this is so, the Line itself will warn us that our friend is now using the program and we can call him at no cost.

Line is a very interesting communication alternative whose main problem is the enormous competition it has with other similar programs, because despite offering good features, it does not have anything new that is especially attractive.