Linkedin 9.1.87 IOS Download

Nowadays the normal thing is to be in many different social networks, being facebook, twitter and foursquare some of the most famous. However, a step below is Linkedin, a social network somewhat less ‘fun’ and more serious, which can come very well for the world of work.

The iPhone application has practically the same features as the Linkedin website, so we can update our curriculum, add companies for which we have worked, add contacts, co-workers, former employees or bosses, and so on.

 Linkedin 9.1.87 IOS Download

In addition to this social and labor component, the application will show us lots of news of interest related, if possible, to our field of work. In this way we will only have to consult the main page of the app to be always up to date.

Linkedin is a very interesting application for any worker and, especially, for any non-worker, because if we are looking for a job, it will come to us to be inside this social network.