Los Sims Movil Download Free For iPhone App

Los Sims Movil Download Free For iPhone App

If there is a life simulator that stands out above the others, there is no doubt: we are talking about The Sims. Neither Second Life nor any of that, The Sims is the most successful and most played by millions of users who have seen in their different installments a fun and simple way to perhaps live the life they would like in their imagination but without danger any.

Now you can download The Sims for Android and iPhone

Well, in truth you could do it before. What happens here is that this is a version developed specifically for these platforms, whereas what we had seen previously were adaptations of The Sims 3, 4 and 5 for smartphones and tablets. These were the same games we could see for PC, Mac, Nintendo or PlayStation.

So in The Sims Mobile we find a totally new game: new scenarios, new characters, new possibilities … many new features but the same way of playing forever, which will thank the fans of the series.

Take a new life in a virtual world to explore.

Creating the self of your dreams

So you can start to create your avatar with everything you would like to be: boy or girl, fat or thin, blond or tan, white or black, bearded or hairless, athlete or geek … choose your physical features, adopt a style to Your life and apply a personality. From now on you are who you would like to be and you have a whole world out there (or there inside, rather, inside the iPhone) to explore and conquer.

Create sims as you would like to be: create an avatar that looks or invents the person you want to be in terms of physical, personality or style.

Build your own house: do not let your avatar live in a shack. Or maybe because you want that. Build your tent or a huge mansion.

Leave a legacy, create a strain: now you can create a family lineage that influences the following sims. That is, if you were a respected cook maybe your next sim, next in the family, follow your steps.

Socialize with other sims: life is based primarily on relationships, so cultivate them. Make friends, go to parties, have fun in company … and who knows, find your half orange or go to go from flower to flower.

This is a life simulator that will help you to escape a little of yours or to experiment with what would happen if you did … ?. And it is also a perfect way to continue playing with this game if you have already exploded expanses like Urbanitas, Vampiros and others.

Requirements and additional information:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

The app offers integrated shopping.