Macaron Cam 2.6.5 APK Download

Macaron Cam is an application that will allow us to take pictures with filters in real time, which we can also customize at will. We can choose between different types of styles (with vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, pictures, etc.) and customize them at our whim.

To customize a filter we will only have to slide our finger across the screen, and we will go through the different types. Sliding up and down what we will do is alternate between the front camera and the rear camera.

 Macaron Cam 2.6.5 APK Download

In the lower left corner of the screen we will find the possibility to change the format of the photograph. By default we can make a simple photo in 3: 4 format, but we can also create collages in real time. We will only have to take the photographs one by one to create a spectacular composition.

Macaron Cam is a good photography app, thanks to which we can create beautiful compositions in just a few seconds. All this thanks to the possibility of applying hundreds of filters in real time.