Mahjong Village 1.1.71 APK Download

Mahjong Village is a game that combines the traditional mechanics of mahjong, with the creation of a village that will provide us with different types of resources. How? Very easy. In Mahjong Village players can enjoy more than a hundred different levels, and upon completion they will receive a series of rewards. With these rewards you can build buildings in your village, thanks to those who can receive special skills.

The game system of Mahjong Village is the one that everyone who has ever played mahjong will know perfectly. Players must remove pairs of tiles from the board, taking care not to leave the rest of the tiles ‘blocked’. Now, thanks to the special skills that we can use occasionally, we will have the possibility to get out of some other problem.

Mahjong Village 1.1.71 APK Download

As usual in mahjong games, in Mahjong Village we can customize the game’s tiles so that they have different patterns and patterns. In addition, we can also play with metal, stone and magic tiles.

Mahjong Village is a mahjong game different from the rest, which combines the best of this traditional game so entertaining, with some very interesting novelties that make it even more addictive if possible.