Major GUN FPS 4.0.9 APK Download

Major GUN FPS is a first-person shooter game that leaves out the script or elaborate stories, in favor of offering a direct and action-packed gaming experience. The players will assume the role of a special anti-terrorist agent, whose objective will be to put an end to all the terrorist threats that appear. And that’s it.

In Major GUN FPS players will not have to control the movement of the protagonist, who will automatically advance through the stage. Instead, the player will only have to worry about aiming and shooting. In the right part we will find the button to activate the crosshairs, while in the left we will have the enhancers.

Major GUN FPS 4.0.9 APK Download

Between mission and mission, players can customize their weaponry. There are more than a dozen different weapons that we can improve with the money obtained in each mission: shotguns, pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, etc. And all of us will need it if we want to overcome more than one hundred levels of the game.

Major GUN FPS is a first person shooting game with a direct and fun approach. Its excellent visual section, moreover, is quite reminiscent of the great Borderlands FPS saga.