Man Or Vampire 1.2.7 APK Download

Man or Vampire is an RPG with turn-based combat system, in which players can control a vampire with which they will have to face dozens of dungeons plagued by enemies. Our goal: to become the undisputed king of the underworld. But for this we need the help of other heroes.

The game system of Man or Vampire is similar to that of many traditional tactical RPGs. Pressing on the stage we can move our character, so that if we click on a chest we will open it and if we press on an enemy we will initiate a combat. During the combats, which take place in turns, we can carry out different actions with each character.

Man Or Vampire 1.2.7 APK Download

From the inventory menu we can equip a multitude of weapons, armor and other artifacts to each of our characters. Also, when we get enough experience, we can level up and improve the attributes of our heroes. We can also learn new skills and even turn them into vampires. In total we can recruit more than 50 different heroes.

Man or Vampire is a spectacular SRPG in all aspects. Not only is this a game with a beautiful graphic section, it also has a solid combat system, a large number of characters to unlock and an exciting story that can quickly catch us in its fangs.