Mango 4.2.11 APK Download

Users of the Mango clothing chain have in their mobile application the perfect tool to browse the catalog with their clothes and be up to date with seasonal novelties and exclusive offers for online users. In this version for Android of Mango we will find several categories in which the different garments that are distributed in their stores are framed and another series of more specific sections such as ‘special prices’, ‘featured’, ‘exclusive online’, ‘lookbooks’ and ‘the magazine’

Mango 4.2.11 APK Download

These categories will help us find discounted items that are only available if we buy from the terminal itself, as well as a list of new items, both options to take into account when we want to save some money or be informed of the latest news. On the other hand, and in addition to the possibility of adding all items that we want to the ‘shopping’ of the purchase, we will have an extra function of location of orders very useful for when we want to know how long it will take to get home our purchase.

All this, together with its complete store locator ordered by countries and garments through which we can find a specific article closest to us, make the application a perfect tool to buy Mango in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.


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