Matsu Player 4.12.0 APK Download

Matsu Player is an emulator that will allow us to enjoy several different consoles from our Android device. In theory the application will allow us to play ROMs of Playstation, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Megadrive and Wonderswan. The tested version, however, only allows to emulate PSX.

In the Matsu Player configuration options we can set the screen resolution we want or the orientation. In the same way, we can also choose the control method that we want, being able to use a gamepad connected to the Android device.

Matsu Player 4.12.0 APK Download

As usual in almost all emulators, Matsu Player will allow us to save the game at any time. Thanks to its function of ‘savestate’ we can leave the game at any time and resume it later, when it comes back to us well.

Matsu Player is a very interesting Android emulator, thanks to which we can enjoy lots of ROMs. Of course, as always, the ROMs will have to look elsewhere, since they are not included in the emulator.