Mental Games: Brain Training Download Apk Free For Android 1.0.52

It is not only important to keep our body in shape, but also our mind. And this is intended to contribute to the application Android Mental Games: Brain Training, a mobile brain training app with which to exercise and train our minds to enjoy the best health possible.

Keep your brain in shape and stimulated.

By downloading this APK to our smartphone or tablet we will find a series of mini-games of type puzle in which we fight against the clock to improve our brain capacity in four very important aspects: memory, concentration, mathematical calculation and analysis.

Four Brain Areas To Train

  • Memory: to improve the ability to remember sequences of letters, numbers and the order in which different figures appear.
  • Concentration: minigames to increase the attention capacity, speed and visual acuity of the user.
  • Analysis: puzzles that test the user’s ability to analyze and solve problems.
  • Calculation: small numerical calculations that improve and train the user’s mathematical abilities.