Metal Slug Attack 2.20.0 APK Download

Metal Slug Attack is a ‘tower defense’ set in the Metal Slug universe, in which players can lead a group of soldiers, in quick battles where strategy is the key. Of course, among the soldiers of the game we will find all the usual characters of the legendary SNK franchise.

The mechanics of the game are very simple: every second that passes the player receives a series of coins that he can invest in buying soldiers and other troops for his side. The private soldier is the cheapest unit, but we can use many more: tanks, planes, grenadiers, heroes … In addition, with the money and medals we earn after finishing each level, we can improve their attributes and evolve our units.

Metal Slug Attack 2.20.0 APK Download

In Metal Slug Attack we will find more than a hundred different levels set in stages around the world. In these levels we can face other rivals that will play with the same rules as us … or against impressive ‘bosses’, which will use devastating attacks against our base.

Although the most interesting of Metal Slug Defense is its campaign mode, it also has a multiplayer mode to compete against other players through the same WiFi network. In this game mode, up to four players can participate simultaneously.

Metal Slug Attack is an excellent ‘tower defense’ that takes advantage of the Metal Slug license to offer an outstanding game, with an absolutely spectacular visual section. The previous title of the saga was already good, but this one is even better.