Metal Slug Download Apk Free For Android 3 1.9

Metal Slug is one of the legendary titles that came to light for the Neo-Geo console but are still very present in the collective imagination. This is a 2D arcade game where we must advance by shooting. Annihilate every living creature that gets in your way!

Survive on the battlefield!

Metal Slug Weapons

  • Classic shooter loaded with action, now for Android.
  • Two game modes: “Arcade” and a new one, “Mission”, where you can choose which phase to play.
  • Advances in all kinds of vehicles.
  • Bluetooth function to play cooperative mode with another friend.
  • It is part of the world rankings with the best scores.

If you want to entertain yourself with one of the most famous and played titles of all time in your Android terminal just download Metal Slug on your computer: help Marco Rossi to end the enemy!