Mezcladitos Download Free For iPhone App

Mezcladitos Download Free For iPhone App

Mezcladitos is the new game of the creators of Apalabrados, a title where we must also challenge our friends to form words, but in a totally different way.

Find the most words in 2 minutes!

The objective in Mezcladitos is to form as many words as possible with the letters of a 4×4 board. To do this you must slide your fingers in vertical, horizontal or diagonal by connecting the corresponding letters.

Two players participate, and each game is played in 3 rounds. Both play on the same board. The player who manages to create the highest number of words and obtains the maximum points at the end wins.


2 players: challenge your friends.

Play in any language regardless of the selected in your OS.

Use letter and word multipliers to increase your score.

It uses open source dictionaries.

Propose your own words to add them to the dictionary.

Evasion or victory

To finish a game there are three possible options: play all the shifts until the last round, that one of the participants leaves the game or “expiration” if one participant takes more than 7 days to play their turn.

You can now download Free Mixes for iPhone, the new crossword puzzle game. Challenge your contacts to see who is able to form as many words on the same board in two minutes.

Requirements and additional information:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iOS 4.3 or higher operating system.

This application is optimized for iPhone 5.