MilkChoco 1.121 APK Download

MilkChoco is a multiplayer shooter game in which two teams of up to five players can compete in large open stages. Players can choose between any of the two available sides: milk or chocolate. Within each side, you will also find several professions: assault, doctor, bomber, sniper …

The control system of MilkChoco is very intuitive: with the left virtual crosshead we can move our character and with the right we can aim. Our character will shoot automatically whenever we have an enemy in focus, so we’ll just have to worry about aiming … and throwing the odd grenade.

MilkChoco 1.121 APK Download

The games of MilkChoco tend to be quite fast and last very few, so if we do not go to the attack and try to finish our enemies quickly, we may stay without doing anything. In addition, some of the scenarios are very large and labyrinthine.

MilkChoco is a very funny multiplayer shooting game, which has a familiar theme for all audiences. The graphic section of the game is also very good.