Minecraft APK Download Free Android App

Minecraft APK Download Free Android App

At this point in the film there is little we can tell you about the game of open world par excellence that you do not know anymore. We talk about Minecraft, the title originally developed by Mojang and later purchased by Microsoft, in which we explore endless scenarios, living all sorts of adventures and building whatever we want with the blocks and resources available.

It is what is commonly known as a sandbox game. There is no concrete objective beyond surviving and wandering through an infinite world, building and destroying objects with the different blocks we have (stone, granite, iron, grass, etc.). The worlds of this game are generated randomly so there are no two equal, which guarantees us a totally different adventure every time we start a new game.

Minecraft APK Download Free Android App

Create thousands of different structures with your blocks.

One of the most characteristic aspects are its pixelated graphics. So much so that any game released later using these same retro graphics is often considered a title inspired by this. And of these there are many, because with the success harvested since its launch in 2011, have not been slow to appear dozens of clones trying to emulate its popularity.

The mobile game version of Mojang AB

Well, now we can enjoy all the features of this game on our Android smartphone or tablet when downloading the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK or PE. With it we can continue crafting, exploring and building, alone or with friends, from a small screen and wherever we are. This is a somewhat limited version, with fewer game modes and fewer block types, but also features exclusive features that make it a very appetizing title.

Key Features of MCPE

  • Mobile edition of the sandbox game par excellence.
  • Explore an infinite world and build your whimsy.
  • Find resources that guarantee your livelihood.
  • Two modes of play: creative and survival.
  • Multiplayer mode for crafting collaboratively.
  • Different MCPE servers to play together with your friends.
  • Interact with mobs or non-playable characters: chickens, pigs, sheep …
  • Defend yourself and survive the creatures of the night: zombies, skeletons, spiders …
  • Crowd of skins and mods to customize the game.

Despite being a pocket version, let’s face it, it is not at the forefront of every pocket. Well, maybe yes … it’s only seven euros, but not everyone is willing to spend the price of three or four beers in a mobile game. But thanks to alternative stores to Google Play, such as 1Mobile Market or Aptoide, you can download it for free.

What’s New in This Release

  • Pack of skins of the Power Rangers.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Version, size and requirements vary by device.
  • This is a paid version.
  • Offers integrated shopping.