Mini Golf King 2.08.02 APK Download

Mini Golf King is a three-dimensional minigolf game in which players can compete over the Internet against opponents from all over the world. The Mini Golf King games, in addition, are from a single hole, so they rarely last more than one or two minutes.

The control system of Mini Golf King is intuitive and is well adapted to tactile devices: by sliding your finger across the screen we can adjust the direction and the power we want to hit. Of course, the type of club we use in each throw will determine how much power we should print at the stroke.

Mini Golf King 2.08.02 APK Download

One of the most important elements to keep in mind when we are playing Mini Golf King, is that the final score is very important. It will not do us any good to get the ball into the hole before our opponent, if along the way we have not managed to get any gem. Each gem will provide a hundred points, so it is very useful to try to catch as many as we can with each launch.

In Mini Golf King we will find more than thirty different holes, which we can unlock little by little, as we win games against other players. All these holes, in addition, are divided into eight different scenarios, each one with a theme totally different from the previous ones.

Mini Golf King is an entertaining and original minigolf game, which also has a beautiful graphic section. A very fun title, which we can play online against opponents from all corners of the world.