Modern Combat Versus 1.10.20 APK Download

Modern Combat Versus is the sixth installment of this popular first person shooter series developed by Gameloft. On this occasion, as its name suggests, the action of the game is mainly oriented to the ‘online mode’, in which up to two teams of four players can face each other over the Internet.

The control system of Modern Combat Versus is perfectly adapted to touch devices. In the left part of the screen we will find the virtual ‘stick’ of movement, while sliding our finger on the right side of the screen we can aim our weapon. We will always shoot automatically when aiming at an enemy, but by pressing twice the right side of the screen, we can use the telescopic sight to aim more accurately.

Modern Combat Versus 1.10.20 APK Download

As far as game modes are concerned, Modern Combat Versus will allow us to compete online against other players in real time, as well as practice against ‘bots’. In addition, we can play single games or participate in leagues, seasons and exclusive events. The more we play and the better we get, the more chances we will have to ascend the league.

Modern Combat Versus is a spectacular first person shooting game in all aspects, which offers a lot of content. We’ll find half a dozen different maps, more than a dozen different characters to control, and hundreds of ‘skins’ for these characters and their weapons.