Moonlight Game Streaming Download Apk Free For Android 5.1.2

If an important part of your leisure is playing with your computer games, you will surely be interested in continuing your games even when you are not in front of the PC. You can use it for an application like Moonlight Game Streaming, app for Android capable of connecting a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet with Windows and streaming your games.

PC Games On Android

Just like systems such as Chromecast or Kodi for video, Moonlight is able to play on the Android mobile device the video games you run on your computer. You do not need much: download the APK, install the streamer emitter in Windows and connect to a wifi network. From that moment you can navigate between your collection of games, launch them from the mobile and play with them with a size and control system adapted to portable systems.

This system is very simple to install and configure so we doubt that you will need any tutorial in Spanish, guide or similar. It is almost install and play.